A residential indoor air quality investigation is used to determine if there are indoor air quality problems in your home, identify the causes and to recommend solutions.

 The ultimate goal is to advise our clients on the actions that should be taken to  improve the air quality of their home. This inspection is an indoor air quality inspection, not a health or building inspection.

A whole-home investigation  and its findings  can help improve your home's indoor air and help those residing there breathe cleaner air when the changes outlined in the final report are undertaken.

Clean air is essential to good health and is especially true when it comes to indoor air. The lack of ventilation, especially in air-tight homes, is a key factor that impacts the quality of indoor air.

Health Canada states that we, as Canadians, spend up to 90% of our time indoors, at home , at work and in recreational environments. Indoor air has more  contaminates than outdoor air.

Since moisture promotes mold growth, dampness is one of our most common causes of poor indoor air in our homes, classrooms and public spaces.

An estimated 2.7 million Canadians over the age of four have asthma.

Island I.A.Q. Inspections also uses infrared thermal imaging cameras , infrared surface thermometers  and particle counters in their investigations. This technology is extremely accurate and non-invasive.


Indoor Air Quality and Asthma

It is well known that poor indoor air quality increases the severity and the frequency of respiratory symptoms experienced by asthmatics. Pollutants that can aggravate asthma include the following:

*       Biological pollutants such as mold and house dust mites.

*       Irritating chemical pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone and formaldehyde.

Dust mites are the only indoor air pollutants that are recognized to cause asthma in otherwise healthy people. Other pollutants such as mold and nitrogen dioxide, however, are suspected of increasing the risk of developing asthma. With this in mind, it is therefore advisable to avoid exposure to these pollutants as much as possible, even if you are not asthmatic.

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